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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 19, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman and this is the show about great videos and the stories about them, "right this minute." it may look cool, but that smoke on the water -- >> is liquid nitrogen. >> see what happens when a frantic rescue turns toxic. a teacher is man handling a student. >> he is a boy with autism. >> the story behind the school room shakedown. guys in the dealership get too many mistakes by mistake,
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and so they load up the car and hit the road. >> we were determined to get the pizzas to the people who needed them the most. >> how some folks who would love a hot meal got one. >> god bless you. and plus driving a big cat crazy with a laser pointer. and a little baby has a gas attack on dad's lap, but it is not over. >> we have grand finale. >> did you just poop on my leg? it is time to start scheduling the pool parties everywhere, but this party, there are guys wearing orange suits and some spraying something in the pool to create this smoky effect, but they should have thought about protecting the people in the pool, because what they are dumping in there is liquid nitrogen, and they did not consider the reaction that liquid nitrogen would have with the chlorine. this is not just fog, but it was a toxic gas that the people were
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inhaling so the party goes from a fun pool party to an attempt to rescue all of the people inside, because several of them were fainting in the water. >> there is a girl getting in here with shots. >> yes, she is holding jagermeister shots, because it is a jagermeister-sponsored party. people were jumping in the pool to get people back out, and in the second video a man clearly unconscious is being pulled out of the water by other men. >> they did not realize it, but they were poisoning the pool water. >> and it was not just one bucket of liquid nitrogen, but there were several of them. you do eventually see security members, but at this point, people are trying to rescue their mates. >> is this creating a deadly gas? >> the reaction is essentially prevents you from being able to breathe, and apparently it can cause burns to your skin. in all nine people taken to the hospital, and eight were released, but one 21le-year-old
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man remained in a coma and apparently suffered severe injuries to the cardiorespiratory system. authorities are trying to investigate who is responsible for what happened. >> if someone is in a orange suit pouring something into the pool, that is my clue to get out. a florida teacher is accused of abusing a student, and it was caught on video. you can see the teacher there appearing to grab the student by the hair and push him to the floor. that teacher is identified as david bayer who is a special ed teacher and that student is 12 years old and a boy with awe thetism. that boy was on a field trip according to police and misbre haifing. when he eventually got back to the classroom, he and the teacher had an exchange that ended in this incident. >> because the 12-year-old was misbehaving? >> yes, and listen to the exchange that happened between the student and the teacher before the incident.
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>> stand up now. oh, that's good. i was hoping that you would do -- say that. >> he is saying i was hoping that you would say that. i don't know how you explain that away. >> and the way that the boy is saying no, no, no as the teacher is approaching makes me think that it happened before. >> that is a keen observation, because after this was happening, other parents came forward accusing the man of abusing their children, and he was arrested again. this incident just happened, but the trial is expected to happen next month even though the incident was july of last year. bayer says that we are only seeing the portion of the video and this is incomplete view of the incident and it does not give the whole video. >> it doesn't matter the whole video of all, and it is a teacher throwing a special needs student on the ground and this is not how a teacher is supposed
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to act. and in this salon, a woman here, 43 years old, relaxing and talking to the nail technician, but over here, notice that is a woman, and we will call her the suspect, and you can tell she has little child with her. she apparently sends the little child down crawling getting low to look through the woman's purse. the purse that belongs to the 43-year-old who is getting her nails done, and watch this. you will see the little girl going down to grabbing the wallet and the suspect is giving her a hand and eventually, you will see the young child hand the wallet over to the suspect. we are watching some theft right here involving a small child. the 43-year-old had a number of i.d.s and bank cards in the wallet and you can see now as the video goes on the suspect puts the wallet in the bag and the little girl gets up in the blue shirt and the suspect says, okay, my work is done here, and starts to cruise right out of the store.
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the philadelphia pd put the video out there looking for the public's help to identify this woman using a little kid as an accompli accomplice. >> not only stole are fra from that woman, but from the person doing the service, but a she can't pay. >> and also stole from the child her innocence from knowing right from wrong. hope they can catch this woman and she gets nailed. two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. >> we are about to take a ride in the deep flight super falcon submersible, and this whole thing is peppered by goproand, and it is driven by designer graham hawks and his co-pilot lee bale. this thing looks like a jet fighter for the underworld. >> there are wheels eare whales
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>> it is going off of the islands near kenya to search for whale sounds. they are searching for humpback whales and they are using the exterior hydrophones the to pick up the sound. i takes them a little while, but eventually they find what they are looking for. >> i can hear it. >> first you hear the unmistakable whale and it sounds like elephant calls, and you know it is a whale sound and then before long, they see them. >> wow. that is so beautiful. >> it is neat, because we are so used to seeing the whales on the surface and not uncommon to see the humpbacks breach, but it is so wonderful to see the view of this going down to where the whales live and get that perspective. pr
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pretty spectacular. people leaving a car show decide to light them up. most guys pull this move off just fine, except this guy. oh! yeah, no. how this burnout became a big ugh-oh. >> and it is a video all about what we are really thinking on a first date. >> chewing with the mouth open like a bridge troll. >> see the dating
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great. >> yes. amanda? >> nothing more nerve-racking than a first date and especially a blind date. what do you say? >> hi, i'm greg. >> and i'm amanda. >> and this is the commentary track for the first date. >> and the last date. >> and keep it easy and ask a bunch of colleges. >> did you go the college?
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is. >> yes, a bunch of them. >> and so this is getting into what you are really thinking versus of what you are saying. >> soup dumbpling time. my favorite part of the date. >> and you chew with your mouth open like a bridge troll. >> he is spitting stuff all over the place, and that is a deal killer right there. >> so far, this is a bad rap for the dudes, but did the girl do anything wrong? >> no. >> hail, the lamest question, i have ever been asked on a question. >> she shouldn't have asked that. >> yeah, yeah, check time. >> age old question of who is going to pay. >> and you went through effort to look good and got the hair done and the new outfit, and you wanted the look nice for him. >> how much is it even though i don't have any intention to pay for it. >> and i left my card in the
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car. >> and are you sure you don't want to split it, and absolutely no way you will say sure? >> there is the way to end it, ladies. going a car show is cool, because you get to see the cool cars, but it is fun to light them up. in this car show, they do know how to leave. car after car coming out of the car show is tearing it up as they leave. you can see the spectators lined up with the cameras to see the next guy to leave with the hot rod and spin the wheels. >> great. >> keep in mind, it is a public road and probably not the best thing to do, and probably not legal. now, most guys seem to pull this move off just fine, all types of cars lighting it up to give the crowd a good show. they leave some smoke behind and pepper the air with t burned rubber smell, except this guy. oh! >> yeah, no. >> that he tries to drift?
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>> no, a burnout, and the car goes one direction and back the other way and he wipes the the smile off of the charger and grinds it against the wall. that is his pride and joy, you know, and he just -- >> embarrass iing. >> there is the final part. >> you to go pick up the chunks of your car in front of all of the people who are car enthusiasts. embarrassing. >> at that point the thing is so smashed up, he probably had to call a tow truck. >> he probably did more damage to the pride and ego than anything else. michael jamison and his wife live in south africa and we have seen videos from their home before. they have 14 dogs and a couple of tigers and remember enzo when he met their new dog whiskey? they shared a new video of play time at their house. as you can see, you have a couple of dogs chasing a laser pointer and then a tiger gets in on it. this is a young tiger. as you can see, like cats or
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every other dog, they are all interested in the laser. >> no, no, no. >> go, go, go. >> man's best friend or beast of the jungle, this trick works on everybody. >> but are those the only animals there, because it is free and open and they can chase it around and chase it, because they are by the pool. but there is something else in another room kind of behind some bars that gets playtime, too. >> wow! >> what? >> i just cannot stop thinking of the amount of food they have to have at this place to feed all of these animals. >> is that why they have so many dogs? >> oh, no. >> i love how they play with the dogs and the tiger does not seem aggressive towards the little animals at all, but still, it is a tiger and he is going to keep telling the kids to stay off of
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the dog because i am chasing the red dog right now. it is an l.a. beast drinking challenge, milk and red bull. >> he can't drink all of that>> >> see if he can firn nish it o "right this minute." and the duck walks this way, and the seven ducklings walk into the sewer. see the special moment when mom and ducklings reunite. plus, it is what you get when you combine cars and epic trick shot, but it continues to get more and more impressive as the video continues. see how [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce?
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i use bounce outdoor fresh sheets because fresher is better. everyone knows that.
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and me and mine are just crazy about freshness. breakfast is ready! [ cow moos ] [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce? [ woman ] mmm, mmm, fresh. i was riding by and i noticed that the dux secks seemo be in distress and i thought that possibly it might be sick, but then i heard the cheaping from inside of the gralt. >> frankly, this is a trend that i'm rather sick of. it is a too much, another duck mom losing her kids. okay. this time, on the columbus state community college campus, there was a safety officer from the discovery business district, and he noticed the poor ducklings in the sewer and they had to call the columbus state police. >> we are out here all of the ti
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time, and the well if they are down in the manhole, we can do something to help them. >> after some coaxing, they said, you know, we will give you back to the mom. >> it was nice to feel something that small in your hands and then see them run to their mom. it reinforces your faith in nature and some good in the world. >> standing up for the the duck moms of the world. if we didn't put these grates everywhere in the middle of the habitat, maybe it would not be such a problem. ordered way too many pizza. s. >> you ordered way too many pizzas, and what do you do with them? how about giving them away to homeless people in your community. that is what jared guynes did in dallas. they had 52 pizzas left, and it hey, can wecar dealersh t borrow one of the cars and the dealership said, sure. the car they happened to borrow was this one. >> we are going to load this up
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into the car. >> in is all electric, and the reason they chose it is because it was big enough to hold all of the pizzas. >> would you like a hot papa john's pizza? >> yes. >> there you go. we have another one. we have way too many. >> hey, god bless you. >> all right, man. icular that stuck with me, because you see a lot of them are men, and a woman comes up and look at who is with her. >> there you go, ma'am. have a good one. >> she has a kid in a stroller with her, and they did something very good. we have jared guynes with us via skype. how good did it feel to drive that car and give away all of that pizza. >> well, the car is unique and fun to drive it around, but when we were handing out the pizzas, we forgot about the car and it was really about surprising people with a full-sized pizza. >> was it hard finding people? >> yeah, i wish i could tell you
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that it was in dallas, but there are places that you know where the homeless people are, and koi coincidentally those are the least likely places that you would see a car like this. there were times that we were getting out of the car and walking up and out, and there is one lady in the video you see her with a red jacket. i found that lady living in a cardboard box under a tree behind a store. in the day, i would not see her out, but a it is not a safe part of town, but that fear left me, and we were determined to get these pizzas to the people who would really need them the most. we ran out of pizzas, and we took 52. >> wow. >> it makes me want to do more, because the coolest thing about this video is that it went online how people are saying, wow, i need to give out more and i need to do more and i hope we can start a chain reaction of people doing nice things for no reason at all. >> hold on. there is more. >> god bless you.
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>> thank you. >> god bless you. a father/son bonding moment gets a little bit messy when -- >> oh! come on. did you just poop on my leg? >> no shame in his game. >> see the adorable accident
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this one actually hurts to he
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hear. we have a kick boxer in a training session hitting the heavy bag and a couple of the kicks being bong, boom, firming up the bones and the muscles. keep watching. >> oh! >> yeah, did you hear that? >> he hit the post. >> oh, the foot crushes right into the post, and watch the foot. >> do i have to? >> just crush into the pole. the bag zigged when he thought it would zag. >> that is a broken foot. >> when you stub the toe, you about lose it, because it is the pain that builds to a crescendo and it hurts and then it is like -- ah! ah! >> i cannot imagine how this guy is feeling, because of course, he is down in serious pain and struggling to get down, and the worst part is that he filmed it himself, and why would you not delete this immediately? >> because you want others to know what not to do. if there is anything to know about babies other than
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perfectly cute and kissable and lovable is that they are very unpredictable just like little jackson here with his daddy, scotty. baby likes the camera, and he is engaging. >> say hi, everybody. >> da-da. >> whoa! whoa. >> he says hello and then he lets one loose. >> hello with punctuation. exclamation. >> it is not over. >> oh. come on. did you just poop on my leg? >> it quickly went from being realy funny t gross. >> yeah, he knew he did it. >> jackson just pooped on my leg. oh, no. >> i like how dad reacts, and he did not get mad. one way not to let dad not be mad at you.
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on the leg, right? >> no shame in his game. >> oh, no. oh, no. in individuvideos that are r interest and my interest coming together in one brilliant matchup, cars and a trick shot. this dude is perfect, guys. amping up the trick shots to a unbelievable level. one is a cabriolet. we have seen it before. that is up on two wheels. and through the cabriolet top. >> that is exciting, but it continues to get more and more compressed. >> here is one. fake handoff. i like that. >> to the guys standing up in the car and then sitting back. it is not just footballs, but it is robbing him of the home run. they go through the wall. >> and you have to like the
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touch. >> and why aren't these guys in the pro circuit then because they are having so much fun. >> well, because they are having so much fun driving fiats and doing trick shots. >> look at this one. he launches the football and lands into the fiat cabriolet top. the guy whips the football from the air traffic control tower into the basketball hoop seemingly a mile away. >> when you see that with no edits, you cannot fake that. >> that's our show, everybody.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. let's look at the best videos that the web has to offer "right this minute." a disturbing theme when cops at a music festival get busy tasing this naked guy. >> what happens when the crowd is not amused. >> why the [ bleep ], why? why? a baby moose is stranded in a swimming pool. while -- >> there is mom up on the hill waiting for the baby. >> how a hero took charge to get


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